Our Story

Once upon a time in the year 2020 an evil plague spread across the land the likes of which had never been seen before. No single person, no matter how good, or brave, or kind was out of reach of this plague and life changed in the blink of an eye. It was becoming harder and harder to believe that life wasn’t changed forever.

Living through this plague was a girl who believed that stories could change the world. That wee pieces of dead tree and black ink could become something wonderful that could spread joy to every corner of the land. Every week come rain or shine (and even through a hurricane) this girl loaded up her tiny carriage and off she went to shelter under the trees in the local park with her two folding bookcases and little magical paper portals that had the ability to transport people to a different place, a different time and anywhere they could imagine, if they were just willing to turn the pages.

The joy spread, and the idea grew. Soon the girl’s little carriage was just too small to contain all the life changing magic, and the nights were getting darker so a “what if” was uttered…

What if…

What if all the people came together to find a lovely cosy home for the magic paper portals, where they could stay warm and dry and the people who looked after them could see other people and make sure they were ok and that they remembered that goodness and kindness and light were all still there if they just knew where to go to find it.

In less than one spin of the world the people had come together and the wish was granted, and just 18 spins of the world and a lot of hard work later a little love filled place names Guid Reads was born.

And how the people smiled! They came to the shop to share their own stories, both sad and happy, they connected with others, laughed together, cried together, reached out and watched the magic work in an immeasurable amount of ways that they had never even imagined.

And they knew in their heart of hearts that this was just the beginning of the little joy and love filled places happily ever after…

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